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Playing online games is done in a way to relax and also challenge one capability. There are different online games that are available now. But if you want a challenging and that can test your brain this is the perfect game for you. There are a lot of people hates digits, numbers, figures or whatever you want it to call but this game will changed your mind which is called “Sudoku”.
Sudoku is a popular puzzle number game. Do not worry playing this game does not need to be a genius does not need any problem solving or calculation or even math skills. The only thing that is the requirement upon playing is a total concentration; analyze the puzzle and a good a good pair of eyes.
This 9×9 puzzle number game grid is compose of nine 3×3 sub-grids where there a few digits that is already been given as a clue.
The objective of Sudoku is to complete the grid is by filling in the missing digits using 1 to 9 in the shortest time as possible. Make sure that every column, row and 3×3 sub grids should only have only one digit from 1 to 9. There are different levels that a player can choose which is the beginner, intermediate and advanced. As the level get higher the more challenging the game become.
Upon starting playing Sudoku the digits that are already provided highlighted in light blue. Once you pointed the arrow at an empty box it will highlight the sub-grid, row and column that a player should focus on so that there will be no duplicating of the digit. If the digit that you fill in at the box is wrong the box will be highlighted in red indicating or there is already a digit either in the row, column or sub-grid.
The fewer mistakes and faster you finish in filling up the empty boxes the higher the score you get. To make it more fun playing gathers your friends and family and has a friendly competition. Not only you will enjoy the company but spending time with will strengthen your bond with each other.