Advantage in Playing Sudoku

Playing Sudoku is not only a fun game that you can play but also have many advantages to the player or to the person playing. This game is not an ordinary physical or online game that you can just play it. It is a puzzle game that deals with numbers or digits. Almost all players say that this is a brain game because this a problem solving wherein the player need to spot a pattern to be able to solve and knows what the next move will be and what number is needed to be placed.

Sudoku is a different kind of puzzle comparing it to other puzzles. Why is it different? It is because this number logic puzzle helps your brain. The next question will be in your mind is how this will help? It is just simple when playing Sudoku it help the brain of the person to be active and have a much better function of the brain with this it keep the cells in the brain from dying. So some say that this game is very appropriate for elders or adults because this might help reduce the risk of cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease or also dementia as they aged older.

Another advantage is it helps a person to relax from a busy or stressful day. It is a way to escape from it when playing because this game can be played anywhere and anytime. A quick game can help you relax and feel calm to continue with the day.

If you think Sudoku is just for adults or elders you are 100% wrong. This game is for all ages to be played. There are parents that allow or even encourage their children to play this to help them to do better in their school. With this, it improves the kid’s ability in recognizing details and improves their attention around them.

So in short Sudoku aside from having fun playing it also helps increase your concentration especially in thinking quickly, helps improve memory in which they say can reduce developing Alzheimer’s or dementia and helps you to stay calm.