Getting to know Sudoku

Have you seen a number puzzle game named Sudoku? If you do have you tried playing it? Once you tried playing Sudoku you will surely love it. This game is very addicting and can help you to stay calm and relax from a stressful day.
While playing this game do you wonder what is the history of Sudoku? Like where it did first released or who invented it, when did it become popular and what is the meaning of the name Sudoku.

It was in Japan that this game became very popular. The meaning of Sudoku comes from Japanese characters where Su means number and Doku which means single. So the meaning of this in English is a number by itself or single digit.
If you think this was invented in Japan because of the name you will be surprised. This was not invented here; it was from Switzerland that this game is originated. In 1970’s Leonhard Euler who is a Swiss mathematician was the founder of this game but the name that he gave was Latin square.

The modern version of Sudoku that we know today was invented by a retired architect and also a freelance constructor of the puzzle from Indiana named Howard Garns. In 1979 that it was first published by Dell Magazines which was named Number Place.

Then in 1984 of April that the puzzle was introduced in Japan in a paper which is Monthly Nikolist by Nikoli that was called Suji wa dokushin ni kagiru which also means the digits must be single or also the digits are limited to one occurrence.
Are you wondering why Sudoku was very popular and in demand in Japan it is because Japanese does not work well in crossword puzzles, unlike numbers they can easily work or play with it.

Another named that is involved in this puzzle wherein he introduced it again to Western world was Wayne Gould who is a New Zealand judge. He discovered this in a bookstore in 1997 of March when he took a vacation in Tokyo. Since then he devoted in developing this game and spent years in developing programs in the computer that generate this puzzle game Sudoku.