Meaning of Sudoku

Among the popular online game that is played by many from different range of age is Sudoku. If you are not familiar what the game is about, well it deals with numbers. It is a puzzle logic number game that uses number 1 to 9.
Are you are wondering what the meaning is or where the name Sudoku came from? The name Sudoku was shortening from “Su-ji Wa Dokushin Ni Kagiru”. The meaning of this is “the numbers must be single”. Switzerland is where this game is rooted. In 1979 is when the first real puzzle Sudoku was published invented by an American architect Howard Garns.  But it was in1986 in Japan that it became popular worldwide after published where in Nikoli name it Sudoko.
Sudoku is compose of 81 cells or boxes that is divided in nine rows and columns, a 9×9 grid that has 9 3×3 sub grids. Upon playing there are already some cells that has number on it already. This will be your guide and clue on what number to put on those blank cells. The players’ goal is to fill in all the cells and complete the grid using the number 1 to 9. But remember that in a row, column and 3×3 sub grid the number 1 to 9 should only be used once only.
There are techniques when playing Sudoku especially if you are still a beginner. Check the columns, rows or the 3×3 sub grid that has 4 or more numbers on it then from there you can analyze which number is missing and not yet used by the numbers that is already provided in the puzzle. It will be easier after every number you fill at the blank cells until you complete it all.
There are different levels that a player can choose: beginner, intermediate and advanced. As the level get higher the more challenging the puzzle become.
Sudoku does not need computation or calculation when playing that is way for those who hate math you will love this game even it deals with numbers. All it need is to analyze and make sure that you have a good pair of eyes.