Wayne Gould

A popular online game that is well known around the world and being played by all ages is the number puzzle game called Sudoku. Before this puzzle game can only be played in newspaper, magazines or other print ads that were around in the late 19th century. But now because of modern technology Sudoku game also evolves as the years go by. Aside from prints ads now this can be played on your computer, laptop, and mobile devices.

But do you know who make this possible and how Sudoku can be played in devices? Well, there is one person responsible for this great idea and invention and it was when he was during his vacation.

The person that is responsible for having Sudoku in an electronic device is no other than Wayne Gould.
First let us know who this guy his before getting to know how is he connected with developing a computer program of Sudoku.

Wayne Gould was born in Hawera, New Zealand on July 3, 1945. Before he developed a computer program of Sudoku puzzle, he was a lawyer in his native country for around 13 years before he moved in 1982 to Hong Kong. And in 1993 he became the Chief District Judge wherein he held the position until he retired in 1997.

It was his vacation time in Japan that wherein he spotted a bookstore in Tokyo a volume book of Sudoku. He fell in loved and was addicted to this game. Since then he started developing a computer program on Sudoku puzzle for 6 years which was known Pappocom Sudoku. Because of him, he was responsible for helping to make this game popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Aside from developing the computer program of this game he also did some book that was published by The Times Books in 2005. The book is “Su Doku: The Utterly Addictive Number-placing Puzzle”.

Wayne is blood-related with Bryan Gould who was a former British politician. They are brothers. Aside from this fact, Wayne was named by Time magazine as one of World’s Most Influential People.

Thanks to Wayne Gould we are enjoying playing Sudoku online.